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There’s been a terrible shooting at Tennessee State University that claimed the life of a minumum of one individual. The shooting at Tennessee State University in Nashville has left one man dead, reports CNN?. The fatal shooting happened when an argument erupted concerning a dice game, say Nashville authorities. The Tennessee State University shooting additionally entailed at least two others who were injured as an outcome of the shooting. Gaming is a matter that somebody wishes to choose from you, but instead of utilizing a firearm, they make use of a card or dice. They do not do it powerfully but has a method to cunningly take it. Not saying that gaming itself is incorrect, but the manner you do it’s, he said.

The other facet is the fact that gaming is dangerous, it can cause homicide, I’ve seen it where knives are drawn and folks got stabbed. The entire part of that’s dangerous, he said. Bishop Edward said the manner God structured the human being form is for them to live by the sweat of their brow, including that there are just two other manners can get cash by inheritance and by religion. It’s possible for you to inherit something from someone because it’s been handed down to you personally or you’ll be able to receive by faith you ask and it shall be received. While recognizing the market isn’t the greatest, he said people can nevertheless remain above board. It is not poverty that creates violence. I’ve lived a life of poverty for a long time, grown up in a home which did not have electricity or running water, neither a gas stove. But I’ve never committed a crime. Individuals can reside and do not do things that are unseemly to become wealthy overnight. I know for certain that most churches in Jamaica doesn’t participate in the raffle, it is against their beliefs although few churches do participate in it. While the Church is emphatic on gaming being a no no, a particular verse is unable to be nailed in the Bible that addresses the problem. However, for Bishop Edwards, that doesn’t mean it’s an okay practice as he set it, the word ‘gaming’ has never been found in scripture, neither ‘drugs’ nor ‘grandpa’ nor ‘grandma’. Not because it’s not in scripture, does it mean it’s OK, he said, mentioning I Corinthian 10 vs 23.

A spate of shootings are tied to arguments over high-stakes dice games, DNAinfo New York has learned. At least four shootings including one homicide have happened in the last two weeks that come from men throwing dice for money on street corners, sources told On The Interior. Gaming is incorrect if it has grown into an addiction. In exactly the same manner that some may have the ability to really have a glass of wine, a beer, or a margarita without feeling the urge to get intoxicated, some may have the ability to take some cash to a casino once every so often , not feel the craving to return for more. Would God give a request to win the lottery? I know of a minumum of one instance where someone claimed he did. With the cash that they got, they fixed their house, get some cash into savings. They purchased a much-desired van to transport their youth to mission trips and they gave their children early bequest cash. Was it God who replied that prayer? I think we’ll find out when we get to paradise. Witnesses told authorities there had been a fight in the game before the shooting happened.

In an earlier column on omnipotence and prayer, I proposed it is hopeless for just two people praying to be the only winner of a lottery both to have their prayer carried through. This prompted subscriber beachgirl52 to indicate that “God would not allow a request that’s against known Biblical principals. Betting playing the lottery is just one of those, so winning the lottery will not be allowed to anyone who prays for it. Another reader, Jane, just asked, Is gambling wrong? Jewish custom looks at a person who makes a living by betting with doubt. Gaming may be considered a form of thieving taking away cash without giving anything in return. Although mans harshness was in full bloom that day at Calvary, nothing occurred apart from Gods strategy. When the Father decided that his Son should perish, he even ordered the rolling of the dice for Jesus tunic. Though despised by the rulers, he’s adored by his Dad who manages every detail of his Sons departure. Stripped of all his earthly possessions, he’s not stripped of his Dads care. What looks like the cluttered rush of events turns out to be the strategy of God unfolding to bring redemption to the planet. The soldiers who did the real crucifying got to split up the garments of the ill-fated sufferer. You might call it a little extra incentive for serving on an otherwise ghastly detail. In the finest of times, crucifixion proved to be a dirty, bloody, disagreeable company. No one would whine about the soldiers rolling dice for the clothing of a murderer or a robber or a terrorist. In line with the Metro Nashville Police Twitter report, the shooting on Thursday evening occurred in an outside courtyard during the dice game dispute.

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such matters as you have: for he’s said, I’ll never abandon you, nor forsake you. With the increased expense of living, the majority of folks are seeking the hopeless fantasy of being that one in a million to hit the jackpot. For some, they may be OK with modest winnings obtained from Cash Pot or among the countless other games of chance. For Christendom, while they’ve a staunch expostulation against betting and games of chance, the truth is the fact that many of Christian organisations and churches have gained a good deal from contributions made by the very same thing’s primary source of income for which they’re objecting. So, the inquiry begs to be inquired, what is the reason for taking the gifts understanding the source is questionable? Bishop Rowan Edwards said there are some churches that WOn’t take tainted cash. As a Church, you do not take cash from those places. You must inquire who are your donors and that settles the problem, he said, including that Christian organisations should understand who to accept contributions from. There may be lots of cash at these games and folks get mad, a top law enforcement source said, adding that he considered there were six to eight shootings lately including dice games.

But it is not the dice, it’s the firearms. When it’s playing dice, dealing medications, or giving out credit cards with your info to bang out in a club, when they cant get along, they should shoot one another. The NYPD has been coping with a nearly 10 percent rise in homicides and shootings this year, though offense general remains down 6 percent for the very first half of 2015, police figures reveal. As the long chain of trials had demonstrated, Jesus hadn’t committed a crime. He didnt deserve to perish, and surely not by crucifixion. As he hung on the cross, suspended between heaven and earth, battered, bruised and bloody, every breath an anguish, the soldiers cast lots for his clothing. Subsequent to the soldiers split the key portion of his clothes, they chose to cast lots for his tunic. The truth that it was seamless, woven from top to bottom in a single section, means that it turned out to be a precious article of clothing. Such a garment would be destroyed by breaking up it, and that’s the reason why the soldiers cast lots. The law enforcement source said local precinct commanders will likely be requested to step up patrols at places where they consider dice games take place to discourage the illegal gaming which has resulted in violence. One casualty, Daquan Cooper, 23, of Holland Avenue, was fatally hit in the head while a 35-year old girl suffered several gunshot wounds to her legs.

Police sources said they’d been hanging out playing dice with seven other guys before the shooting. Authorities say there were at least two other recent shootings which weren’t directly linked to dice games, but dice were recovered in the crime scenes. Sources consider Jeffries could have owed money to two guys who came to pick up. He was gunned down when he supposedly brushed them away and refused to pay, sources say. The casualty was later described by authorities as quite uncooperative, sources said.

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